Business Continuity Model

Continusys incorporates a complete Business Continuity Sample Plan that represents up to 80% of what an average organisation would have to consider in a crisis situation

The Continusys Business Continuity sample Plan is a working version of a completed Disaster Recovery Plan. The Business Continuity sample Plan is comprised of over 200 detailed tasks that represent what organisations will have to do to fully recover from a disaster or major disruption to their business.

The Continusys Business Continuity sample Plan is based on a worst-case scenario, meaning the destruction of a facility. In so doing, lesser forms of disruption can be effectively accommodated. You can customise the model to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

Customised as Required

Your customised Business Continuity Manual can be efficiently compiled and distributed as required to each participant designated in the disaster recovery plan. You can add to or modify the table of contents and sections provided.

For a minor crisis, you simply perform only those tasks that are necessary under the circumstances.

Thousands of Users of the Continusys BCMS worldwide from small operations to large multinationals have recognised the need for developing and testing a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan. They have realised that only having a traditional computer Disaster Recovery Plan is insufficient to recover integrated Enterprise functions.

A detailed Business Continuity Plan will minimise the impact of an Enterprise disruption to your departments or divisions or the entire organisation allowing them to rapidly respond with established procedures and continuity confidence.

Built on Experience

The ContinuSys Business Continuity Management System evolved from years of direct experience in the development of comprehensive Business Continuity Plans for major organizations. The product builds on commonly applied principles of Business Continuity, Crisis Management and Disaster Recovery Planning.

  • You do not need to be Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity experts
  • It is not mandatory to use expensive consultants
  • Your plan can be developed in days or weeks
  • 80% of the work is done for you
  • Mitigate Loss, Bankruptcy and Liabilities


Managing Your Business Continuity Plans Does Not Have to Be Difficult.

The ContinuSys BC Team can help you establish the right processes and standards for your Business Continuity Plans – Contact Us today!

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