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ContinuSys has been in the Business Continuity business since 2001. Since its inception, the company has focused on cutting edge products associated with the Business Continuity Industry

ContinuSys success is due to the experience of the company’s substantial time frame within the Business Continuity Planning industry. ContinuSys applies not just the experience gained over the years, but pioneering techniques for cost effective recovery solutions.

Years of proven experience in providing Business Continuity Planning Services and associated support, has allowed ContinuSys to develop a Business Continuity industry leading Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) for enterprises of all sizes. ContinuSys flagship product is BCMS.

ContinuSys BCMS is a Business Continuity planning product designed from the ground up creating the most robust and cost effective Recovery Planning Suite in the market today.

Whether you characterize the effort as Business Recovery Planning, Business Continuity Planning, Business Continuity, Contingency Planning or Crisis Management Planning, the ContinuSys Recovery Planning Suite is perfectly suited for your plan development needs.

ContinuSys BCMS was first released in the mid nineties, with worldwide customers now totalling over 7,500 and representing the entire spectrum of users including: banking, retail, insurance, manufacturing, financial, aerospace, medical, wholesale, entertainment, military, education, communications, ISP’s, ASP’s, government and MSO industries.

The Recovery Planning products from ContinuSys are designed for fast and easy customer implementation, user friendliness, and cost effectiveness.

ContinuSys has recognized the need for a cost effective, user-friendly software product that would assist all size enterprises with the development of formal Business Continuity Plans.

The ContinuSys BCMS was developed to meet this critical need. The BCMS is a product that has been designed to assist all enterprises within the public and private business sectors, while recognizing these key concerns:


Few enterprises are willing or in a position to spend considerable amounts of money on a software product as is the case for the vast majority of available software tools.


No enterprise is interested in complex business continuity solutions that forces the use the use of external resources or results in costly and cumbersome training.


While some participation on the part of management and staff is expected, no enterprise is prepared to commit a large number of resources to the recovery planning project.

At a fraction of the cost of most crisis management planning software, BCMS is the most cost effective solution in the marketplace, making critical recovery planning affordable to virtually every enterprise, regardless of size or industry.

ContinuSys BCMS has been designed to eliminate the complexity and training required to use a software product as a recovery-planning tool. The ContinuSys Business Continuity Management System is a true best of breed ‘knowledge based’ product.

Incorporating the ContinuSys complete Business Continuity Model representing up to 80% of what an average enterprise would have to consider in an emergency, eliminating the need to commit an undesirable number of resources to the recovery planning effort.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide the best possible quality of Business Continuity Systems, thereby rendering with the best possible quality of service.  

We strive to promote the use of our software to ensure safety and continuity of businesses of our fellow men and women worldwide.


Our Best of Breed Software Systems are developed with these important key elements.


Software must always fit the device, or environment it is running on.


We use the latest generation of software languages that are standard in the industry – thus giving ability to customise our products for customers with ease.

UI Elements

We use the latest UI/UX elements to ensure consistent experience of users for any device our software is run on.

Clean Code

We are proponents of clean, re-useable codes for future-proofing our technology


Our systems are well documented and are managed in unison with our roadmap for our applications.

Free Updates

Minor updates and fixes are automatically “pushed” to our production servers after rigorous testing protocols.

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